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Diesel fuel pressed higher to a new record again this week at $5.623 per gallon, nearly double the $2.437 per gallon from one year ago... as a result domestic LTL and TL carrier Fuel surcharges remain quite high... and cross-border fuel surcharges are running even higher.

With the Northeast having some of the highest diesel prices in the nation, some carriers are avoiding the region all together... coupled with this and rising fuel costs, the available capacity continues to remain very tight in the region. This, in turn, could further elevate rates in the Northeast corridor, including Eastern Canada, or at the very least prevent it from leveling off.

Driver shortages are also impacting cross border capacity, particularly cross border as vaccine mandates in Canada and the US have taken thousands of drivers out of the mix for these high yielding loads.

How has your business been impacted by the increase in Diesel Fuel and related pressure on Carrier capacity? What steps are you taking to mitigate higher transport costs on your business? Contact us for help at

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