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Canada - an opportunity for growth

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

It may come as a surprise to many people that the US' largest trade partner is not China, but our neighbors to the north - Canada.

For the majority of US states, Canada is also its #1 export destination. The governments of both countries, states and provinces work very hard to

harmonize import/export regulations, helping to facilitate this already highly interdependent relationship.

As President of Purolator International, I would often fly to DC from NY to meet with the Canadian Ambassador and his staff to discuss various trade and regulatory matters. It always amazed me that he and his staff were as passionate as I was about how important maintaining an integrated and efficient Logistics infrastructure was to the US/Canada trade relationship. They could have written my speeches on the need to invest in border crossing infrastructure, harmonization of customs regulations, and educating legislators in DC and Ottawa on the value and importance to both countries of maintaining a free flowing border.

Yet despite all of this support, in many states less than half of the businesses export their products or services to anywhere in the world. A great place to start exporting would be to Canada, a market as large as California and one of the least complex countries to enter or expand your business if you engage the help of Supply Chain & Logistics partner that understands the market and can help to ease the process and avoid the pitfalls.

The MAPLE Business Council recently published the video below featuring the Canadian Consul General's of LA and NY, as well as several executives of US and Canadian companies extolling the importance of this key trade relationship. Its well worth a few minutes of your time to hear from people who are already invested in and benefitting from trade in this key market.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you're interested in a initial no cost or obligation consultation on expanding your business to Canada please reach out to me directly, or click the link below to leave us your contact info.

John T. Costanzo

Founder & CEO

LDK Global Logistics

Phone: 516-588-9165


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